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Hello. My apologies if this is a known issue.

If I create the following link in a top level web (e.g. SomeWeb):

publish turns it into:
Any fix, suggestions, or help would be greatly appreciated. My Lab recently started trying to use TWiki (with PublishContrib) to maintain our public website. Overall, this has been a very smooth process (thank you for the excellent work!). However, this one issue has made it difficult to link to pages within separate webs.
I need you to test, I'm afraid. Please try the following patch:
Index: lib/TWiki/Contrib/Publish.pm
--- lib/TWiki/Contrib/Publish.pm        (revision 9327)
+++ lib/TWiki/Contrib/Publish.pm        (working copy)
@@ -351,14 +351,14 @@
     # Modify relative links
     $ilt = $TWiki::Plugins::SESSION->getScriptUrl(0, 'view', 'NOISE', 'NOISE');
     $ilt =~ s!/NOISE/NOISE.*!!;
-    $tmpl =~ s!(href=["'])$ilt/$web/(\w+)!$1$2.html!g;
-    $tmpl =~ s!(href=["'])$ilt/(\w+/\w+)!$1../$2.html!g;
+    $tmpl =~ s!(href=["'])$ilt/$web(/\w+)+!$1$2.html!g;
+    $tmpl =~ s!(href=["'])$ilt/(\w+(/\w+)+)!$1../$2.html!g;

     # Modify absolute internal view links.
     $ilt = $TWiki::Plugins::SESSION->getScriptUrl(1, 'view', 'NOISE', 'NOISE');
     $ilt =~ s!/NOISE/NOISE.*!!;
-    $tmpl =~ s!(href=["'])$ilt/$web/(\w+)!$1$2.html!g;
-    $tmpl =~ s!(href=["'])$ilt/(\w+/\w+)!$1../$2.html!g;
+    $tmpl =~ s!(href=["'])$ilt/$web/(\w+)+!$1$2.html!g;
+    $tmpl =~ s!(href=["'])$ilt/(\w+(/\w+)+)!$1../$2.html!g;

     # Remove base tag  - DZA
     $tmpl =~ s/<base[^>]+\/>//;
if it works, great. if not, this may take some more work than I have time for....


Thank you so much for the prompt response and patch. Unfortunately this did not quite work. With the patch you provided, publish now turns



WebHome.html (instead of /SomeWeb/SomeWeb1/WebHome.html).

Thanks again for the reply, and I do understand your time constraints. I would greately appreciate the opportunity to test any more ideas you might have.

Please test the latest version I just uploaded.


Many thanks for your continued work on this. The latest version seems to fix some things, but break others.

A link created as follows is now published correctly:


However, any link written using html tags (unfortunately we are required to do this in some situations) now does not get published correctly.

For example,

<a href="SomeTopic">Some Topic</a>

does not get modified and remains:

<a href="SomeTopic">Some  Topic</a>

instead of becoming:

<a href="SomeTopic.html">Some Topic</a>

Please let me know if there's another release I can test.

Thanks again, Devin

<a href="SomeTopic">Some  Topic</a>
is not a valid TWiki link, so I wouldn't expect it to get modified.

Can you please provide a link that used to work but now doesn't?


Disregarding hierarchical webs, with PublishContrib version 9776, an a href tag that points to another page in the wiki is published "correctly."

For example,

<a href="SomeTopic">Some Topic</a>
gets published as
<a href="SomeTopic.html">Some Topic</a>

For our public website, we use href tags because we have different classes of links. Maybe there's a way to specify a class using valid TWiki links ...

Thanks for following up on this, Devin

Hmmm, that's worrying. In that case I appear to have inadvertantly fixed a bug. If I put
<a href="Item666">a link</a>
into a topic I get this: a link which is exactly what should be published (if you view source you will see that it has not received any processing, becuase it is not a topic link).

There is nothing wrong with using A links, but you need to do it like this:

<a href="%SCRIPTURL{view}%/Bugs/Item666" class="fnord">a link</a>
It's a bit more typing, but you will get your links published correctly.

On the other hand, what you describe is a relative link, and it is more useful the way you describe.


Many thanks for the explanation and correction! I guess it sounds like this issue is resolved.

Thanks again for all your work and help. Devin

Summary Support relative A links
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