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[01:29] <wbniv> <PeterThoeny> i noticed that the files in pub all have execute flag on
[01:29] <wbniv> that's not what i see when i look at the files from the zip or tgz
[01:29] <wbniv> are you looking at the _files_ and not the directories ?
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[01:42] <SvenDowideit> PeterThoeny,
[01:42] <SvenDowideit> or anyone
[01:42] <SvenDowideit> what ar the perms on the index.html for you?
[01:42] <SvenDowideit> -r--r-----   1 1001 1001 40876 2006-04-01 09:17 index.html
[01:42] <SvenDowideit> and the same for many other files
[01:43] <PeterThoeny> also -r--r-----
[01:43] <SvenDowideit> mmm
[01:43] <PeterThoeny> for index.html
[01:44] <SvenDowideit> did you un archive as normal user, or as root
[01:44] <SvenDowideit> oo, i did mine as root
[01:44] <SvenDowideit> so its got to work
[01:44] <PeterThoeny> and -rwxrwxr-- for gif files, e.g. in pub/TWiki/SlideShowPlugin/
[01:44] <SvenDowideit> does that mean that the perms in the MANIFEST are not being applied
[01:45] <SvenDowideit> plugins are supposed to be dependant on whats in their MANIFESTs
[01:45] <SvenDowideit> but i can't even un tar and browse to index.html
[01:46] <wbniv> the SlideShow's MANIFEST doesn't seem to be correct
[01:46] <wbniv> data/TWiki/SlideShowPlugin.txt NEW
[01:46] <wbniv> lib/TWiki/Plugins/SlideShowPlugin.pm NEW
[01:46] <wbniv> no file permissions
[01:46] <SvenDowideit> i guess the important thing is iff its a new problem :(
[01:46] <wbniv> (tho it could be argued that default values show be correct, but ...)
[01:47] <wbniv> true, /me checks 4.0.1 
[01:47] <SvenDowideit> ok
[01:47] <wbniv> 401 shows
[01:47] <wbniv> -rwxr-xr--  1 wbniv wbniv  807 2006-02-07 15:08 clearpixel.gif
[01:47] <SvenDowideit> same perms issue in 4.0.1
[01:47] <SvenDowideit> -r--r-----   1 root root   3287 2006-02-08 02:08 index.html
[01:48] <SvenDowideit> plugins are way less significant compared to just the core files...
[01:48] <SvenDowideit> but those are stuffed too (imo)
[01:49] <wbniv> right, but not "not working" stuff, just untidy "stuffed"
[01:49] <wbniv> right?
[01:49] <SvenDowideit> who chose these defaults!
[01:49] <SvenDowideit> y
[01:49] <wbniv> cdot, i guess
[01:49] <wbniv> i remember some emails from him and anton arguing
[01:49] <SvenDowideit> as in, we're forcing people to unzip then chmod
[01:49] <SvenDowideit> index.html 0440
[01:49] <SvenDowideit> means index is read, read, nothin
[01:50] <wbniv> which seems fine to me
[01:50] <SvenDowideit> as i unzip as root, apache can't get there
[01:50] <wbniv> chmod or chown?
[01:50] <SvenDowideit> if i unzip as me
[01:50] <SvenDowideit> apache still can't get there
[01:50] <SvenDowideit> as debian defaults to creating a new group of the same name as my user
[01:50] <wbniv> right, because you have to chown -R
[01:51] <SvenDowideit> y :(
[01:51] <wbniv> actually, what i do is
[01:51] <SvenDowideit> safe, secure
[01:51] <wbniv> keep the owner as me (whoever me is)
[01:51] <SvenDowideit> and horrid
[01:51] <wbniv> and chgrp -R www-data
[01:51] <SvenDowideit> :)
[01:51] <SvenDowideit> personally i chmod -R 777 twiki
[01:51] <wbniv> oh, and chmod -R g+w 
[01:51] <SvenDowideit> that way configure can have its way,
[01:51] <-- MichaelWarrior has left this channel. ()
[01:51] <SvenDowideit> which is terrible
[01:52] <SvenDowideit> 'don't make me think' just to test something
[01:52] <wbniv> but you don't need to chmod 777; i regularly chgrp www-data and chmod -R g+w 
[01:52] <SvenDowideit> yep
[01:52] <wbniv> i guess i should publish my installer next week............
[01:52] <SvenDowideit> so why not distribute as chmod -R g+w
[01:52] <wbniv> i'd like that
[01:53] <wbniv> take it up with cdot, tho
[01:53] <SvenDowideit> y
[01:53] <SvenDowideit> ok
[01:53] <wbniv> i guess i could email or create a page


  • make defaults for MANIFEST saner
  • for items which are owner-writable, they should also be group-writable


Good idea.


I changed the defaults as Will suggested.


Summary default permissions for MANIFEST's are suboptimal
ReportedBy TWiki:Main.WillNorris

SVN Range Mon, 27 Mar 2006 build 9563
AppliesTo Engine
Component BuildScripts
Priority Normal
CurrentState Closed

Checkins TWikirev:13599
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