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I worked with %INCLUDE and the possibility to use %START/STOPINCLUDE and %START/ENDSECTION. There I located one error in TWiki.pm.

Have a look to following


This is text inside of global INCLUDE

%STARTSECTION{ "part1" }
This is text inside of part 1
%ENDSECTION{ "part1" }

%STARTSECTION{ "part2" }
This is text inside of part 2
%ENDSECTION{ "part2" }


If you want to use this now with %INCLUDE following happens

%INCLUDE{ "MyTopic" } => you will see all 3 text elements

%INCLUDE{ "MyTopic" section="part1" } => you will see text element 1

%INCLUDE{ "MyTopic" section="part0" } => you will see the complete Topic, %<nop>START/STOPINCLUDE% elements are totally ignored!

I think the last one is wrong, it has to be following result: You should see nothing, because you want to import a non existing section.

I patched TWiki.pm as followed, I hope you will agree to this

--- TWiki.pm    2006-11-14 01:13:12.000000000 +0100
+++ TWiki.pm    2006-11-14 22:30:10.000000000 +0100
@@ -2757,7 +2757,7 @@
     # handle sections
     my( $ntext, $sections ) = _parseSections( $text );

-    my $interesting = 0;
+    my $interesting = ( defined $section );
     if( scalar( @$sections )) {
         # Rebuild the text from the sections
         $text = '';

-- ThomasFreudenberg - 15 Nov 2006

That makes sense. Please file a bug report, Bugs:WebHome.

-- PTh - 15 Nov 2006

Thanks Thomas, is now in SVN, 12001.

-- PTh

I feel a little uncomfortable with this, since it changes the current (though undocumented) behaviour.

In pre-12001, if I %INCLUDE{...}% a section which doesn't exist, then the whole topic gets included, regardless of whether it contains %STARTINCLUDE%/%STOPINCLUDE% markers.

I agree that this is a questionable behaviour, but I can see three alternative "improvements":

  1. If a non-existing section is included, behave as if the section parameter were absent. This means that, unlike pre-12001, the %STARTINCLUDE%/%STOPINCLUDE% markers should be respected
  2. If a non-existing section is included, don't include anything, as in 12001.
  3. If a non-existing section is included, return an error message, similar to that which you get if a non-existent topic is included.

I apologize for standing in the way - but if that behavioural change of revision 12001 is acceptable, I'd ask for three things:

  1. Urgent: TWiki:Codev.AddSectionParam and %INCLUDE{...}% must behave identically in case of non-existent sections. Currently, view with a non-existing section returns the whole topic, as did %INCLUDE{...}% before r12001, and there is a test case in /test/unit/ViewParamSectionTests.pm to confirm that.
  2. Low: An improvement of the documentation, which would apply to both VarINCLUDE and view in TWikiScripts (and could be done regardless of whether the change is approved or reverted).
  3. Enhancement: A test case differentiating between "before the fix" and "after the fix"

-- haj

On the alternative improvements, the current one is the most logical one imho.

Good point on documentation and test cases; more work needs to be done.

On TWiki:Codev.AddSectionParam spec change/clarification, let's track that in new bugs Item3170.

-- PTh

PTh has augmented the documentation in VarINCLUDE (12006), and I have added a testcase (12009). So we can mark it as "Waiting for Release" again. Sorry for the interruption smile

-- haj

No, that is collaboration at its best! Thanks for adding a test case smile

-- PTh

4.1.0 released


I reopened the item again. If no section is defined at all, the inclusion of a non existing section will return the whole topic. That behaviour is the opposite of the documented behaviour.

-- OK - 07 Mar 2007

I just got bitten by the bahviour Olli describes. Confirmed, and fixed on MAIN.


Summary Don't include anything when trying to include a non existing section
ReportedBy TWiki:Main.ThomasFreudenberg
Codebase 4.0.5, ~twiki4
SVN Range TWiki-4.1, Thu, 09 Nov 2006, build 11947
AppliesTo Engine

Priority Normal
CurrentState Closed

Checkins TWikirev:12001 TWikirev:12006 TWikirev:12009 TWikirev:13539
TargetRelease minor
ReleasedIn 4.2.0
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