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We have a serious new problem

The updated build script has started replacing the first initial %META:TOPICINFO line in all topics by a blank line which causes all sorts of problems.

Note that the new build script tries to check out the 4.0.5 tag. But this has no ,v files in it. That is why I had hard coded the 4.0.3 which is the last "real" release.

So I am not 100% sure if the old build script maybe did the same to the few topics that had been added since last release.

But it for sure very wrong that the META line is lost and it causes gaps in web left bars and other sorts of trouble.

Setting this as requirement.

I will build a beta 3 when this is resolved.


I just checked in the beta 1. And it has the same problem so it is not caused by 4.0.5 not having ,v files.

Release 4.0.5 did not have the problem so the problem is introduced in the past months.

For info. I am fixing the problem with the missing ,v files in 4.0.5 by adding them in Item3220


My fix was correct!

The bug is at twiki.org. And it is a 4.0.2 bug which is long gone not present in 4.1.0

See Item2680 where I have just added a detailed description how to reproduce the 4.0.2 bug. You can actually screw up a 4.0.2 site completely so only an admin can bring it back by submissing garbage form META.

Upgrading twiki.org to 4.1.0 ASAP is the correct action to close this instead of hacking text lines out in build contrib before uploading.

KJL I have found the code line that is causing it.

In twikiplugins/BuildContrib/lib/TWiki/Contrib/Build.pm line 786

The line

    # remove topicinfo; it is just confusing
    $text =~ s/^%META:TOPICINFO{.*}%$//m;

is causing the trouble. If I comment it out it all works again when I build TWiki.

If I remove this code line what will break? It must be there for a reason. For sure we need the META:TOPICINFO in the topics.


I will try to build an extension with line 786 commented out.


The result of my testing.

With the code line commented out I get a correctly built TWiki and the extensions are built with a topic with a $Rev: 11560 $ (example)

With the code line not commented out I get a badly built TWiki where e.g. the WebLeftBar gets an unwanted gap. And the extension topics are without the META:TOPICINFO.

I would think the correct way to handle this is to always have a proper META:TOPICINFO and do a more elegant way of getting rid of the SVN rev.

I have experimented and if I change the substitution to replaceing the SVN version by a fixed "1" then I get the right revision in TWiki and rev 1 in plugin builds. I only replace to static 1 in the META:TOPICINFO line. Not of $Rev$ is later used inside topic.

So I will check that in.


Done. Hope my fix is correct. It seems to work fine anyway both for TWiki builds and extension builds. Closing.


Sorry, that fix is not correct. If the META:TOPICINFO is not removed, and the topic is uploaded to t.o., then the rev on t.o,. gets reset to 1 which is why the code was in there in the first place ( Item2680 ).



Decided to code a work around so that plugin authors can upload safely to twiki.org.

I have tested this work-around also on a full TWiki build and it does not affect this.

The work-around is to strip the META:TOPICINFO line from the topic text just before uploading to t.o.

I have tested it against t.o and I have tested it against a local plugin topic on a 4.1 and on a total twiki build. In all 3 cases the work-around works.

We can later revert the work around. I have put a comment in the code. We can also just plain leave it as it is.



When I build a 4.1.1 eventually I want the same BuildContrib so I will merge in the fix to Patch04x01. Actioning and closing again.


Summary Build script replaces first META line in all topics by a blank line.
ReportedBy TWiki:Main.KennethLavrsen
Codebase ~twiki4
SVN Range TWiki-4.1, Tue, 28 Nov 2006, build 12081
AppliesTo Engine
Component BuildScripts
Priority Urgent
CurrentState Closed

Checkins 12113 12580 12582
TargetRelease patch
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