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Item4701: TinyMCE adds empty line after %TABLE attributes and real table

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Extension TinyMCEPlugin Urgent Closed   n/a  

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Another problem editing pages with table I found in TWiki 4.2.0 beta 1 tests.

I have a page with a table that has some other attributes with the %TABLE variable.

%TABLE{tableborder="0" cellpadding="4" databg="none"}%
| *A row spanned head line* ||
| [[AnotherPage]] | go to another page |
| [[YetAnotherPage]] | go to yet another page |

A row spanned head line
AnotherPage go to another page
YetAnotherPage go to yet another page

After saving this page with TMCE an additional line will be added between the %TABLE ... and the real table. So the TablePlugin does no longer read the modified attributes for that table.

%TABLE{tableborder="0" cellpadding="4" databg="none"}%

| *A row spanned head line* | |
| [[AnotherPage]] | go to another page |
| [[YetAnotherPage]] | go to yet another page |

A row spanned head line  
AnotherPage go to another page
YetAnotherPage go to yet another page

-- TWiki:Main/StefanScherer - 22 Sep 2007

Perhaps this problem is solved, cannot replicate with the TMCE installed on develop.twiki.org. Here this line is still in front of the table.

-- TWiki:Main.StefanScherer - 22 Sep 2007

No, the code here is identical to 4.2beta1. Because TinyMCE is suite sophisticated about wher it inserts empty paragraphs (for that is the problem here) I need to know exactly how to reproduce this. Note that I believe you; I have seen similar effects, but just haven't isolated when they occur.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 23 Sep 2007

I have tracked down my problem. With the small example above I also couldn't replicate on my local Beta1 installation. So I've looked to the original page I tried to edit with TinyMCE. The page content looks like the following:

<div style="padding: 1em; float: right; width: 255px;">%INCLUDE{ "TWiki.TWikiTipsOfTheDayInclude" warn="off" }%</div>
%TABLE{tableborder="0" cellpadding="4" databg="none"}% 
| *Headline*  ||
| <font size="+1"> AnotherPage</font>  | another page  |

We added the tips of the day as right aligned box with a div tag. Editing this and saving with TMCE the additional line appeared.

But there is another problem with that content. The HTML tags div and font will be removed by TMCE. Perhaps this is another bug/feature request, so we have to create a new item. I tell my colleages to avoid html tags as far as possible, but enlarging font in some table cells is one thing they need.

  • Is there a way in TMCE to add a feature like increased font sizes instead of head line tags? (using head line in tables could mix up CSS styles).
  • Is there a way to allow some more html tags in TMCE. I'm not really a fan of mixing TWiki syntax with HTML, but some are useful to improve styling for better readabilty.
  • I also found out, that the strong HTML tag is interpreted like the b tag or the TWiki 'star' syntax to make some text bold. After saving, it become a table header instead of a table cell. The KUPU editor and TWiki engine ignores the strong HTML tag and just make table cell text bold instead of a table header.

So, this is what I found out in the meantime. Should we split up these requests into other items?

-- TWiki:Main.StefanScherer - 24 Sep 2007

Great work, Stefan, thanks. This bug relates to the additional line, and I think you and Lavr between you have given enough information for me to be able to reproduce it. Whether I can fix it or not remains to be seen.

I might as well answer your additional points here rather than creating new bug items that will just be ignored. The strategy with TMCE - and what has made it more useable than Kupu - is to restrict formatting to what can be done in TML wherever possible. Mixing in HTML rarely works, and is exceptionally difficult to handle well in the translators. So if you want to mix in HTML - and I agree sophisticated formatting really requires it - then you need to push for HTML to be saved, instead of TML.

STRONG has always been equivalenced to B, even with Kupu, because TML doesn't distinguish between them. The only way to introduce such a distinction is to embed HTML, which takes us back to the previous paragraph frown


i removed the extra line, but IMHO the plugin is badly coded; it rely shouldn't matter. Oh well.


I've just updated to TWiki 4.2.0 beta2. Yes, editing my page now works. For the div Tag I found a workaround with I can live with. I've moved the div into a TWiki variable on the web's preference page. To avoid trouble editing the preference page I put the new variable into a verbatim block:

      * Set RIGHTCOLUMN = <div style="float: right; width:255px; padding: 1 em;">%INCLUDE{"TWiki.TWikiTipsOfTheDayInclude" warn="off" }%</div>

Then I added %RIGHTCOLUMN% before my table. And now I can edit this page with TMCE. The now works fine!

Thanks for fixing this!

-- TWiki:Main.StefanScherer - 03 Oct 2007

Summary TinyMCE adds empty line after %TABLE attributes and real table
ReportedBy TWiki:Main.StefanScherer
Codebase 4.2.0
SVN Range TWiki-4.3.0, Sat, 22 Sep 2007, build 14996
AppliesTo Extension
Component TinyMCEPlugin
Priority Urgent
CurrentState Closed

Checkins TWikirev:15096 TWikirev:15097
TargetRelease n/a

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Topic revision: r9 - 2007-10-03 - StefanScherer
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