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Note: For each new beta tarball I start with running UpgradeTwiki on my existing Cairo TWiki. This is the first of two workarounds I've applied before I got my first HTTP response from Dakar.

Running UpgradeTwiki from a freshly unzipped tarball doesn't work ('No such file or directory'):

  • UpgradeTwiki does a require 'setlib.cfg', after having added setlib.cfg='s directory to =@INC
  • setlib.cfg wants to determine $twikiLibPath from =Cwd::abs_path( "../lib" )"

Per default setlib.cfg assumes that it is running in the bin directory of a distribution. This is enforced by the CGI programs, but not by UpgradeTwiki.

I've been working around this with the following patch:

--- UpgradeTwiki.orig   2005-09-22 14:31:42.000000000 +0200
+++ UpgradeTwiki        2005-09-26 14:06:10.197766400 +0200
@@ -90,5 +90,11 @@
     unshift @INC, $newCfgFileDir;
     unshift @INC, $newCfgFileDir.'/../lib';    #TODO: make sure its not a relative path
-    require 'setlib.cfg';
+    {
+        use Cwd;
+        my $current = cwd();
+        chdir $newCfgFileDir;
+        require 'setlib.cfg';
+        chdir $current;
+    }
        eval 'use TWiki';

This needs to be fixed before the next beta. CC
I have applied your patch, (SVN:6635) and am playing with it as i work on other aspects of UpgradeTWiki

however, it worries me that I was able to run UpgradeTWiki successfully without it, while you could not.

Harald - could you post your command line please

Ok - here it is.

My Cairo installation (still active) is under /usr/haj/web/Twiki/ My Dakar tarball goes to /usr/haj/web/_Dakar/ Then, in /usr/haj/web/_Dakar/, I say

/usr/haj/web/_Dakar $ ./UpgradeTwiki /usr/haj/web/Twiki/bin/setlib.cfg /usr/haj/web/Dakar

Darn. This may once again be a OS issue. On Linux, Cwd::abs_path seems to be rather forgiving. All I could get was an "undef" (which wouldn't break UpgradeTwiki). My error report was from a cygwin installation. Cwd.pm shows a couple of suspicious calls to Carp::Croak in fast_abs_path which is aliased to abs_path on cygwin. I'll check with MSWin32+Activeperl and cygwinperl and report back.

-- TWiki:Main.HaraldJoerg

Confirmed: Under WindowsXP Pro, MSWin32+Activeperl 5.8.6 and cygwin perl 5.8.7 both croak if Cwd::abs_path is called on a nonexistent file. The following one-liner does not print 'Done' under these perls:

perl -MCwd -e "print Cwd::abs_path(q(../directorywhichdoesntexist));print q(Done)"

This could be considered a perl rather than TWiki issue. Nevertheless I'd suggest to make UpgradeTwiki robust enough to run on Windows derived systems....

-- TWiki:Main.HaraldJoerg

Where is the call to abs_path? I can't find any calls inthe TWiki codebase. Is it behind File::Spec->rel2abs? CC

bin/setlib.cfg, lines 29-32:

unless (( defined ($twikiLibPath) ) and (-e $twikiLibPath)) {
   use Cwd qw( abs_path );
   ( $twikiLibPath ) = ($twikiLibPath = Cwd::abs_path( "../lib" )) =~ /(.*)/;
-- TWiki:Main.HaraldJoerg
ok, as i've applied your patch, it should resolve lucking issues like this - thanks smile -- SD

Summary Dakar Beta - UpgradeTwiki: setlib.cfg assumes to run in $dist/bin
ReportedBy TWiki:Main.HaraldJoerg
AppliesTo Engine
Priority Urgent
CurrentState Closed

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