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All the webs %INCLUDE %TWIKIWEB%.WebChangesAlert in their WebNotify

However "%TWIKIWEB%.WebChangesAlert" has at the end the lines:


---+ Sysadmins
Notification is supported by an add-on to the TWiki kernel called the MailerContrib. See the MailerContrib topic for details
 of how to set this service up.

The %INCLUDE seems to rely on a search path but would be better of having an explicit web.

However, the two references to MailerContrib forms an unresolved link.

-- AJA

That smells like a bug. If in the Main web you %INCLUDE{"%TWIKIWEB%.WebChangesAlert"}%, and the included topic does an %INCLUDE{"MailerContrib"}%, it should include it from the %TWIKIWEB%, not the Main web. The same bug was fixed in an earlier TWiki version. This is a behaviour that needs to be retained or we risk breaking existing TWiki applications.

I set this the "Requirement" assuming that this is the bug as described. We can defer it if it is not.

-- PTh

Testing here by including Sandbox.IncludeBaseTest that includes Sandbox.IncludeInnerTest:

Warning: Can't find topic Sandbox.IncludeBaseTest

This confirms the bug.

Deja vue x 2: TWiki:Codev.IncludePrependsWebNameForWikiWords, TWiki:Codev.TopicsInIncludedLinkToIncludingWeb

-- PTh

So we have 2 bugs here:

  1. A typo in "%TWIKIWEB%.WebChangesAlert" where MailerContrib should read %TWIKIWEB%.MailerContrib
  2. That the %INCLUDE processor seems to have some kind of search path stickyness.

Let me confirm what you are saying Peter.

Any %INCLUDE has as its base web the web in which the file doing the INCLUDE resides unless something like %BASEWEB is used.


  • %MAINWEB%.WebNotify %INCLUDES %TWIKIWEB%.WebChangesAlert
    • The base in now reset to %TWIKIWEB%
    • So when it %INCLUDEs MailerContrib it means TWiki.MailerContrib
    • If it works that way the MailerContrib that I see in the other webs's WebNotify won't have the little "?" at the end.
    • I do see them, so its not working that way. Therefore its a bug.

This is why we have %BASEWEB and %INCLUDINGWEB ... right?

-- AJA

No, it is the same bug. A workaround for the bug is to prefix the webname, but that does not solve the issues this bug brings to TWiki applications that include topics from other webs.

The webname needs to be prefixed if the including web is different, regardless of the baseweb. That way, include works properly if done nested across several webs (unlikely scenario though).

BASEWEB and BASETOPIC are used if you want to point to the first topic in the include chain. INCLUDINGWEB and INCLUDINGTOPIC are used if you want to point to the previous including topic in the include chain.

-- PTh

You've lost me completely. Peter, your example above that you state "confirms the bug" works as you describe just above, AFAICT. An included topic uses the web it is sourced from as the base web for further includes. Further example:


Web Changes Notification Service

Each TWiki web has an automatic e-mail notification service that sends you an e-mail with links to all of the topics modified since the last alert.

TIP Tip: Instead of subscribing here, it is easier to "watch" topics of interest. Watching topics gives you the choice of immediate notification or digest notification.

Users subscribe to email notifications using their WikiName or an alternative email address, and can specify the webs/topics they wish to track, Whole groups of users can also be subscribed for notification.

The general format of a subscription is:

three spaces * subscriber [ : topics ]

Where subscriber can be a WikiName, an E-mail address, or a group name. If subscriber contains any characters that are not legal in an email address, then it must be enclosed in 'single' or "double" quotes. Please note that the guest user TWikiGuest does not have an email address mapped to it, and will never receive email regardless of the configuration of that user.

topics is an optional space-separated list of topics:

  • ... without a Web. prefix
  • ...that exist in this web.
Users may further customize the specific content they will receive using the following controls:
  • Using wild-card character in topic names - You can use * in a topic name, where it is treated as a wildcard character. A * will match zero or more other characters - so, for example, Fred* will match all topic names starting with Fred, *Fred will match all topic names ending with Fred, and * will match all topic names.
  • Unsubscribing to specific topics - Each topic may optionally be preceded by a '+' or '-' sign. The '+' sign means "subscribe to this topic". The '-' sign means "unsubscribe" or "don't send notifications regarding this particular topic". This allows users to elect to filter out certain topics. Topic filters ('-') take precedence over topic includes ('+') i.e. if you unsubscribe from a topic it will cancel out any subscriptions to that topic.
  • Including child-topics in subscription - Each topic may optionally be followed by an integer in parentheses, indicating the depth of the tree of children below that topic. Changes in all these children will be detected and reported along with changes to the topic itself. Note This uses the TWiki "Topic parent" feature.
  • Subscribing to entire topic ("news mode") - Each topic may optionally be immediately followed by an exclamation mark ! and/or a question mark ? with no intervening spaces, indicating that the topic (and children if there is a tree depth specifier as well) should be mailed out as complete topics instead of change summaries. ! causes the full topic to be mailed every time even if there have been no changes, and ? will mail the full topic only if there have been changes. One can limit the content of the subscribed topic to send out by inserting %STARTPUBLISH% and %STOPPUBLISH% markers within the topic. Note that "news mode" subscriptions require a corresponding cron job that includes the "-news" option (see details).

Examples: Subscribe Daisy to all changes to topics in this web.

   * daisy.cutter@flowers.com
Subscribe Daisy to all changes to topics that start with Web.
   * daisy.cutter@flowers.com : Web*
Subscribe Daisy to changes to topics starting with Petal, and their immediate children, WeedKillers and children to a depth of 3, and all topics that match start with Pretty and end with Flowers e.g. PrettyPinkFlowers
   * DaisyCutter: Petal* (1) WeedKillers (3) Pretty*Flowers
Subscribe StarTrekFan to changes to all topics that start with Star except those that end in Wars, sInTheirEyes or shipTroopers.
   * StarTrekFan: Star* - *Wars - *sInTheirEyes - *shipTroopers
Subscribe Daisy to the full content of NewsLetter whenever it has changed
   * daisy@flowers.com: NewsLetter?
Subscribe buttercup to NewsLetter and its immediate children, even if it hasn't changed.
   * buttercup@flowers.com: NewsLetter! (1)
Subscribe GardenGroup (which includes Petunia) to all changed topics under AllnewsLetters to a depth of 3. Then unsubscribe Petunia from the ManureNewsLetter, which she would normally get as a member of GardenGroup:
   * GardenGroup: AllNewsLetters? (3)
   * petunia@flowers.com: - ManureNewsLetter
Subscribe IT:admins (a non-TWiki group defined by a custom user mapping) to all changes to Web* topics.
   * 'IT:admins' : Web*
In addition to single quotes ('), double quotes (") do the same job for a non-TWiki group.

A user may be listed many times in the WebNotify topic. Where a user has several lines in WebNotify that all match the same topic, they will only be notified about changes that topic once (though they will still receive individual mails for news topics).

If a group is listed for notification, the group will be recursively expanded to the e-mail addresses of all members.

ALERT! Warning: Because an email address is not linked to a user name, there is no way for TWiki to check access controls for subscribers identified by email addresses. A subscriber identified by an email address alone will only be sent change notifications if the topic they are subscribed to is readable by guest users. You can limit what email addresses can be used in WebNotify, or even block use of emails altogether, using the {MailerContrib}{EmailFilterIn} setting in =configure.

TIP Tip: List names in alphabetical order to make it easier to find the names.

Note for System Administrators: Notification is supported by an add-on to the TWiki kernel called the MailerContrib. See the MailerContrib topic for details of how to set up this service.

Note: If you prefer a news feed, point your reader to WebRss (for RSS 1.0 feeds) or WebAtom (for ATOM 1.0 feeds). Learn more at WebRssBase and WebAtomBase, respectively.

What am I missing?

Anton, the likely cause of your original problem is that you don't have a MailerContrib topic in your TWiki web.

  • I do. First thing I checked smile -- AJA


OK, I think I see what you were trying to report, Peter, and it was unrelated to Anton's problem (though still a bug).

SVN 6998 (see your testcase above)


Summary Include topic from other web does not prefix web name (link broken for WebNotify)
ReportedBy AntonAylward
AppliesTo Engine
Priority Urgent
CurrentState Closed

Checkins 6998
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