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see Item 804

what needs to be done? they're included in tools/MANIFEST

will this do the trick?

twikibuilder@ubuntu:~/twiki/DEVELOP/lib$ svn diff TWiki.cfg
Index: TWiki.cfg
--- TWiki.cfg   (revision 7279)
+++ TWiki.cfg   (working copy)
@@ -956,6 +956,7 @@
 $TWiki::cfg{Plugins}{TablePlugin}{Enabled} = 1;
 $TWiki::cfg{Plugins}{EditTablePlugin}{Enabled} = 1;
 $TWiki::cfg{Plugins}{SlideShowPlugin}{Enabled} = 1;
+$TWiki::cfg{Plugins}{TwistyContrib}{Enabled} = 1;

 # **STRING 80**
 # Plugins evaluation order. If set to a comma-separated list of plugin names,


This contrib needs to be enabled by default since edit help depends on it.

-- PTh

No, it doesn't need to be explicitly enabled. Note that TWikiContrib is included in MANIFEST, but TwistyPlugin is not.

The edit help doesn't seem to depend on it AFAICT. Can you please supply a testcase that shows the contrib is not enabled?


Yes, strange. In the end these are just files in /pub, included in twiki.pattern.tmpl. How could this not work?


this came from an svn co environment, without running mklinks.sh (at the time), or pseudo-install.pl (now recommended). the other way is from a TWikiFor prebuilt package.

there is no bug here, move along...


Running pseudo-install.pl gives me this:
Installing modules: ActionTrackerPlugin,AddDBMGroupPlugin,AdvertsPlugin,AgentPlugin,AlbumOfSnapsPlugin,AliasPlugin,AntiWikiSpamPlugin,ApprovalPlugin,ChecklistPlugin,BarcodePlugin,BatchUploadPlugin,BeautifierPlugin,BibliographyPlugin,BlackListPlugin,BugzillaLinkPlugin,BugzillaQueryPlugin,BuildContrib,CalendarPlugin,CategoryPlugin,ChartPlugin,ChildTopicTemplatePlugin,CommentPlugin,ConditionalPlugin,ContributorsPlugin,ControlsPlugin,CounterPlugin,DatabasePlugin,DateFieldPlugin,DateTimePlugin,DBCacheContrib,DefaultPlugin,DirectedGraphPlugin,DirectedGraphWebMapPlugin,DiskUsagePlugin,DistributionContrib,DoxygenPlugin,EditInTablePlugin,EditTablePlugin,EditTablerowPlugin,EFetchPlugin,EmbedBibPlugin,EmbedFlashPlugin,EmbedPDFPlugin,EmbedPlugin,EmbedQTPlugin,EmbedTopicPlugin,FilterPlugin,EncryptedPagesPlugin,ExifMetaDataPlugin,ExplicitNumberingPlugin,FakeBasicAuthRegPlugin,FileListPlugin,FindElsewherePlugin,FlowchartPlugin,FormFieldListPlugin,FormFieldsPlugin,FormPivotPlugin,FormQueryPlugin,GaugePlugin,GenerateSearchPlugin,GlobalReplacePlugin,GluePlugin,GpgkeyPlugin,GuidPlugin,HeadlinesPlugin,HiddenTextPlugin,HistoryPlugin,HolidaylistPlugin,ImageGalleryPlugin,ImmediateNotifyPlugin,IncludeIndexPlugin,IncludeRevisionPlugin,InterwikiPlugin,IrcLogPlugin,JSCalendarContrib,LaTeXToMathMLPlugin,LDAPPasswordChangerPlugin,LdapPlugin,LinkOptionsPlugin,LocalCityTimePlugin,LocalTimePlugin,LoginNameAliasesPlugin,MacrosPlugin,MailerContrib,MailInContrib,MailReminderPlugin,MathModePlugin,MessageBoardPlugin,MovableTypePlugin,MrdidPlugin,MultiEditPlugin,MsOfficeAttachmentsAsHTMLPlugin,MultiLangPlugin,NatSkinPlugin,NavbarPlugin,NavPlugin,NetgrepPlugin,NewsPlugin,NotificationPlugin,PageStatsPlugin,PatentLinkPlugin,PeerPlugin,PerlDocPlugin,PhantomPlugin,PhotoarchivePlugin,SyncContrib,PollPlugin,PowerEditPlugin,PreferencesPlugin,ProjectPlannerPlugin,ProtocolTlaPlugin,PseudoXmlPlugin,PublishContrib,QuickCalendarPlugin,QuickSearchPlugin,RandomQuotePlugin,RandomTopicPlugin,RecursiveRenderPlugin,RedDotPlugin,RedirectPlugin,RenderListPlugin,RevCommentPlugin,RevisionLinkPlugin,RevRecoverPlugin,RollupPlugin,SablotronPlugin,SearchToTablePlugin,SectionalEditPlugin,SecurityPlugin,SingletonWikiWordPlugin,SlashFilenamePlugin,SlideShowPlugin,SmiliesPlugin,SnmpCommandPlugin,SoapClientPlugin,SourceHighlightPlugin,SpacedWikiWordPlugin,SpellCheckerPlugin,SpreadSheetPlugin,StylePlugin,SuggestLinksPlugin,SvgPlugin,SyntaxHighlightingPlugin,TablePlugin,TestFixturePlugin,TextSectionPlugin,ThreadedDiscussionPlugin,TigerSkinPlugin,TocPlugin,TodaysVisitorsPlugin,ToolTipPlugin,TopicReadersPlugin,TopicTranslationsPlugin,TopicVarsPlugin,TouchGraphPlugin,TranslateTagPlugin,TreePlugin,TWikiDrawPlugin,TWikiDrawSvgPlugin,TWikiInstallerContrib,TWikiReleaseTrackerPlugin,TWikiShellContrib,TwistyContrib,TwistyPlugin,TypographyPlugin,UpdateInfoPlugin,UserInfoPlugin,VarCachePlugin,VersionLinkPlugin,VotePlugin,WeatherPlugin,WebDAVPlugin,WysiwygPlugin,XmlQueryPlugin,XmlXslPlugin,XpTrackerPlugin,CpanContrib,EmptyContrib,ExternalLinkPlugin,LatexModePlugin,TipsContrib:
Processing ActionTrackerPlugin
'twikiplugins/ActionTrackerPlugin//data/TWiki/ActionTrackerPluginQBE.txt' and 'data/TWiki/ActionTrackerPluginQBE.txt' are identical (not copied) at pseudo-install.pl line 76
So it stops. Then pass it TwistyContrib itself:
Installing modules: TwistyContrib:
Processing TwistyContrib
'twikiplugins/TwistyContrib//data/TWiki/TwistyContrib.txt' and 'data/TWiki/TwistyContrib.txt' are identical (not copied) at pseudo-install.pl line 76
Same error. No Twisty.

This is from an existing Dakar installation (2 months old) where I copied all new files into.


Does this have a POSTINSTALL script? The origin behind my TWiki:Codev.SubversionBasedTWikiInstall question was awareness that pseudo-install does not do the full complement of install steps and while I believe encouraging people to have SVN installs we need to know what the issues and best practices are.


No, it doesn't. I would be happy to help fix this, if someone could just PLEASE give an example illustrating the problem!!!!


Well, i can't find anything wrong with it. Works perfectly in pseudo-install, mklinks.sh and an unzip of Beta4. Discarding. CC

Sorry, guys, but I cannot get it to work. I am doing an svn up , run perl pseudo-install.pl -link TwistyContrib , and the twisties are still not working. What is the magic that needs to be done in addition? Can somebody please spell out what one is expected to do to get an installation fully working from svn up? -- TW

Yes. Don't run from the SVN area. Do a proper build and install the tarball. See http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/SubversionBasedTWikiInstall That you you get the install scripts etc. -- AJA

No working twisties for me either on a fresh 'svn export' install on windows+cygwin. On first run pseudo-install told me it didn't update a couple of files:
$ perl /d/src/twiki/dakar/pseudo-install.pl TwistyContrib
Installing modules: TwistyContrib:
Processing TwistyContrib
'twikiplugins/TwistyContrib//data/TWiki/TwistyContrib.txt' and 'data/TWiki/TwistyContrib.txt' are identical (not copied) at /d/src/twiki/dakar/pseudo-install.pl line 61
So I pseudo uninstalled twisty contrib and then re-installed it. Now there are no more error messages in the apache log about missing pub/TWiki/TwistyContrib. I still don't know if twisty is actually working or not; Patternskin has changed quite a bit since I last looked at it. I don't know if I'm seeing funky redesign stuff or broken stuff. I suspect the latter since develop.twiki.org doesn't have the same funky stuff I'm seeing.

( Btw, what is "unlunking"? wink )

-- MW

Before anyone else asks, "lunk" is the past tense of the verb "link". I link, she links, they link. I lunk, she lunk, they lunk. I used it for years before I discovered it wasn't a word, and old habits die hard. And I kinda like it. wink

Matt, check if twisty is working in the edit screen; the formatting help is a twisty.

  • okay with that test,twisty is not working -- MW

Thomas, -link uses ln -s. Are you on a PC?

From my testing pseudo-install works fine in both copy and link modes. Unless someone can indicate a specific problem, I'm closing this again. -- CC

I think this is not right. If I install from svn up , and then run all the appropriate scripts (if I ever find out what they are), then the system should work. I should not have to specifically install TWistyContrib, if that is required. It should be installed by the script automagically. -- TW

And yes, I am on a PC. What do I need to do to get this working? -- TW

I updated http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/HowDoesTheDEVELOPBranchWork to reflect the use of pseudo-install.pl instead of mklinks.sh. You need to install the plugins you want to test. The default plugins are not installed in a checkout tree - it's a development environment, and you need to be able to explicitly control which plugins are / are not installed, to test interactions.


Thanks. Th.
okay, with the edit test I can verify twisty is not working for me then even though the error message is no longer in the apache log. >you need to be able to explicitly control which plugins are / are not installed, to test interactions.
but TwistyContrib is not a plugin. If PatternSkin is the default skin, then all it's dependencies need to be default too.


Hmmm. I had been pushing this issue before, but after figuring out what CC meant in his instructions on http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/HowDoesTheDEVELOPBranchWork I was able to get the appropriate behavior.

The long and short is that one needs to run pseudo_install.pl default. That option must install everything that should be on by default, and, at least for TwistyContrib, it does. -- TW

Or pseudo-install.pl all, which is what I normally do (installs all plugins and contribs) CC

Thank you for the clarification. I updated the twiki.org doc accordingly. MW

Summary TwistyContrib not enabled by default
ReportedBy ArthurClemens
AppliesTo Engine
Component BuildScripts
Priority Normal
CurrentState No Action Required

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