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  1. All the functionality in mrjc-feedwordpress-filters – can we find something that does similar but:
    1. This might be to merge the functionality of mrjc-feedwordpress-filters into feedwordpress
      1. Do they have a wiki?
      2. Is the code base open yet?
    2. Has manageabilty by administrator
      1. Has a UI for both the manager and the user
      2. Able to select what items get filtered in
      3. User gets the opportunity to select what categories, keywords they want
      4. Should be able to retrospectively rescan the content.
    3. Can show a table of all blogs syndicated, the number of entries, whether the feed is automatically updating and the date of last update. Also the ability to kick off another update
    4. Can filter in extra categories / tags
      1. User should be able to state what tags should get added for all their postings
      2. Administrator should have the 
        Issue created by MartinCleaver on 2024-03-01 - 13:07
Topic revision: r1 - 2008-03-31 - MartinCleaver
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